Thank you to everyone who attended the grand unveiling of Design Your ‘Hood’s computer lab redesign! We gathered on August 15th to celebrate the successful completion of a six-week long project and what fun it was!


Highlights of the celebration:

Laura and Anne presented every designer with a humorous award and gift. Chris (who tirelessly taped EVERY SINGLE hole in the paper drop cloth and ripped off the sad-looking molding) received a chunk of molding and a wad of torn drop cloth. Carlos was re-gifted his own apron, which he brought for painting. Each designer was encouraged to say a few words about their favorite part of the space. Usually, the designers’ favorite part was something they had specifically worked on. It truly feels amazing to be proud of your work!

Award Time

Each designer signed their name on the chalkboard, and later, Chris and Amber doodled all over it. The chalkboard proves itself to be a fun way to engage with the space and it is so much better than those old posters.


The lounge area is so comfy thanks to the carpet design team, who spent hours considering the placement of each FLOR tile. 


We are sad to see the program end, but so proud of our work. The designers comment on how professional the space feels and how it makes them want to study. They love the bright colors and freshness of their design. In just a few weeks, the school term commences at AAA and the designers cannot wait to show off their hard work. Congratulations to the designers of Design Your [Neighbor]Hood–you have accomplished so much. 



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