Design Your ‘Hood (DYH) is a multi-session intensive workshop focused on art, urban design and community change. Teens are challenged to re-envision their communities and design a public space that will enhance their neighborhoods and or the city in a way that is meaningful to young people, residents and/or visitors.

The Seattle Art Museum has tailored the DYH project for the Arts & Academic Academy High School summer school session. We are challenging the participating youth to make a mark on their learning environment. We figure, if a person has to spend almost half of their day in a place, they can and should have a hand in making it an interesting, desirable, usable and fun place to be. During a six-week intensive (July 10-Aug 15) participants will explore architecture, art ,and design while collaborating with each other to re-imagine their school community using art as a vehicle for change.

Final designs will be presented at the Arts and Academics Academy on August 15, 2014.

THANK YOU to Civilization, FLOR and Olson Kundig Architects.

The DYH blog is maintained by Honor Hawkins, Program Assistant for Teen Family and Community Programs at the Seattle Art Museum.

Photographs by Honor Hawkins.


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