Unveiling and Celebrating the New EHS Murals!

It’s hard to believe, but this session of Design Your [Neighbor]hood is a wrap! In just four short weeks, the teens have learned all about different design elements, toured SAM, met with muralist Chris Jordan, visited Burien’s Art Alley, and painted not one, but two murals!

The students invited family members, friends, teachers, SAM staff, and other community members to the big reveal of their finished projects. After sharing some snacks and chitchat, the teens presented their design processes, lessons learned, and favorite parts of the program.

Then they led the group to the main entrance of the school to see their murals. First, they had to officially cut the ribbon, though!


Thanks to the DYH group, the EHS main entrance has been totally transformed. They definitely met their goal of creating unique, inspiring, and welcoming murals for their school!

Compare the entrance before:


To after:


Both murals serve to bolster school spirit and encourage campus unity. The mural on the left wall includes the claws and paw prints of a wolverine, the school mascot, as well as the EHS logo and motto. It also features images to represent each of the three former schools, to symbolize them coming together as one to form the new EHS. The mural on the right has a wolverine head superimposed on a globe to represent the diversity and unity found at EHS. This design also has an inspirational element, as the road symbolizes students’ journeys to success.

On behalf of SAM and EHS, we are so proud of the students and all that they accomplished during this program!

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