Putting on the Paint!

With all of the prep work done, the walls were ready to be painted! Drawing on their earlier lesson in color theory, the teens got to work mixing colors. Once they had created their desired hues, the students began filling in the background. After the first layer of paint had dried, they started filling in the other large shapes, working from lightest shades to darkest.


The next step was outlining the forms. The group decided to mix a dark grey color to use for the outlines, because they thought straight black looked too harsh. Outlining the forms took a lot of patience and a steady hand, but ultimately really made the images pop!


The teens also realized the importance of shading to add depth and nuance to their murals. For example, they first painted the claws solid yellow, which they didn’t like because it was too basic. The group decided to add shading in different colors, as well as some white areas to suggest the shine of the claws. The finished product looked more realistic, and the students were really happy with how it turned out!

Another area of the murals that required some finessing was the galaxy. Ultimately, the teens introduced a wide range of colors — including greys, purples, browns, and blues – to the galaxy in order to make it look more complex and dimensional. They also experimented with a number of different techniques – even flinging paint on the wall à la Jackson Pollock! – to give their galaxy texture and visual interest.

While they were painting, the teens were cognizant of which colors were being used where, and tried to keep the color scheme between the two murals consistent. This helped visually tie the two murals together, despite their different subjects and styles.

Stay tuned to see the completed murals!

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