Evergreen High School Students Visit the Seattle Art Museum

DYH participant Carl recounts the teens’ recent field trip:

On Friday, our class group went to the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) to explore different types of art and other types of imagery. Our first stop was the cereal boxes, which were different from what we are used to seeing in our local stores. “How different?” you may ask. Well, they were redesigned from top to bottom, with the mascots being changed to look like Native designs like what you would see on a totem pole. Our next stop was a painting that looked like all different types of images combined together, with a black and white color scheme. Later we learned that it’s supposed be a representation of a TV screen from the era of the Vietnam War. Then, our third stop was my personal second-favorite, which was the rat on top of a person sleeping. Our class thought it was supposed to show fear. Our second-to-last stop was a white Mercedes-Benz coffin, which was my favorite. We learned how in Ghana, people create coffins with designs of what the person actually liked when they were alive. Our final stop was the Elvis painting which was in black and white on silver. After all that we had lunch, made a drawing, and took a photo to remember this day!Group DYH 2Group DYH



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