Making a Mural: The Planning and Design Process

The DYH teens are hard at work planning and designing their murals! They began by measuring the walls where they will paint their murals, as well as diagramming the space. Next, they paired off to create their mural first drafts. The students created designs that embodied their ideals of being unique, inspirational, and welcoming. Some strategies they used to accomplish this were incorporating bright colors and symbols for community, like globes and flags.

Flag mural draft.jpg

Globe mural draft.jpg

The next step was pitching their proposals to their classmates. The teens discussed design elements such as color scheme, symbols, and what made their murals timeless. The next day, the group reconvened to discuss what aspects of each mural they liked best, and how they could combine them to make two cohesive designs. Participant Margarita explained her group’s process:

“We focused on the final designs for the two murals that will represent our school and say what our school is about. We divided into two groups and focused on what each wall would have for our murals. My team focused on the EHS logo for our school, Evergreen High School, and on representing the school’s mascot, the wolverine. We included the wolverine by making it seem like the wolverine claw is ripping through the wall and the EHS logo, but not taking away that it says EHS. We also wanted to involve a sapling or tree branches and a shovel, because our school motto is “dig deep, rise up, branch out.” At first, we decided to place the branches growing behind the EHS logo. It took the focus off the logo and made it hard to read, so we decided not to include the branches.”

Through this collaborative design process, the group was able to finalize their mural designs and submit them to the school, all in the first week!

Mural 1 draft.jpg

This mural includes the EHS logo and school colors, as well as the claw marks of the school mascot, the wolverine. The sapling and shovel symbolize the school motto.

Mural 2 draft

This design features a globe to symbolize culture and diversity, superimposed by a wolverine to represent the unity and spirit of EHS. In the background is a road representative of the students’ journey, and a sign that stands for friendship and guidance.



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