All About Color

Earlier this week, the DYH teens got a crash course in color theory. After making their own color wheels, they learned all about colors and even watched this awesome OK Go video. Next, they looked at different advertisements and discussed why the graphic designer chose each color scheme, and what feelings different colors evoked. Then they went on a color scavenger hunt around the Evergreen campus. It was a close race, and everyone found all of the items! Try playing along at home – can you find the following in your space?

  • An item with two shades of red
  • An item with two complementary colors
  • An item with all three primary colors
  • An item with a warm color
  • An item with no color
  • A black item
  • A white item
  • A natural item with an unnaturally bright color

The following day, the students learned about mood and tone in literature. They brainstormed words to describe the tone and mood of their mural designs. Then, they thought of ways to illustrate those words through color. Try this exercise at home – how would you illustrate these words through color?

  • Summer
  • Excitement
  • Anxious

Together, the DYH teens discovered the power of color to make people feel certain ways, and how to harness this capability to create the mood and tone they want in their murals.



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