Teen Room Ready For Change: Preproduction Painting excitement !)

Gwen has arranged one of their friends (Tracy) to join the class today. Tracy is a professional painter. Tracy arrives and is welcomed into our class. They take a look at the Teen Room and go over the details of what we will need to do in order to successfully paint the room.  Tracy talks about materials needed, oil vs acrylic paint, primer, sanding, and taping the walls. We all decide it is a good idea to prep the mural walls with the color that will be most present in the new mural, “blue.”

Gwen leaves to pick up supplies at Home Depot. It is a “beautiful” day for early spring in Seattle and the class goes outside to the Bitter Lake playground.

After everyone returns to the Teen Room, Gwen passes out fresh sandpaper and the team sands down the mural walls.

Noah offers to put together a film for the Teen Room’s transformative painting process. Noah asks the class if any of the students would be interested in learning the basics for filming and fill the role of cinematographer. Phoenix, Esu, Kamiya, and Melissa all seems a little shy but also curious and excited about the idea.

Noah takes “before” photos of the Teen Room. The murals, colors, and furniture items will all be changing soon…

Melissa photo documents Kamiya and Phoenix jumping for excitement!



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