Murals, Materials, Budget (And a little more daylight!)

Joy: Winter is growing old. These Seattle days are brighter!

Even more joy: The students are proving their amazing design talent! Staying on schedule and finishing each design step is becoming more integral each day. The students are persisting and impressing everyone with their confident design skills!

Kamiya and Phoenix put together a polished budget and purchase list. The list includes couches, lamps, rugs, books, games, cushions and much more. The students carefully pick out furniture that will make the room complete and enjoyable.

Melissa calmly creates an amazing patterned mural design during our journal exercise. The class is super impressed! Esu adapts Melissa’s mural into our proposed color palette.  Esu keeps in mind the dimensions, function, and colors of the room. Using Melissa’s original design as inspiration, Esu creates two murals to cover both the East and West walls. The two patterned murals are similar but also successfully reflect their own immediate space.

Gwen, Satpreet, Noah, and Lindsay begin recording all the necessary materials to remake the Teen Room!



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