Floor Plans Continued and Refined!

Journal Prompt: What’s the thing you are most excited about changing in the room?

Esu focuses their excitement toward specific items: “Lighting, lighting ornaments, chairs, couches, wall color.”

Kamiya Focuses their interests towards general functionality:  “More usable, make room work efficiently.”

Based on a to scale plan drawing of the rooms shape and perimeter, Esu and Kamiya use transparent drafting paper to continue working out ideas. They are asked to consider space, movement of patrons, functions of objects, size of objects, and individual activities within the space.

Kamiya and Esu both have a few refined iterations on paper. Now they focus on the common objects. Each student traces their couch, TV, table, books shelf, and lamps. With this trace they cut out each object and color in the piece with a distinct representative color. The objects are now free to be moved around the floor plan for further refinement of space and function. The students present!




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