Interior Design, Speech Bubble Exercise

How are we designers? What everyday activities involve active design?

Tuesday’s class begins with examining simple ways we all make design decisions. The first decision many people make in the morning is how to dress themselves. We examine ordinary clothing: shirts, socks, shoes, pants, jacket, sweatshirt, backpack, phone case, watch, glasses, lunch box, hair, nails, headphones, rings, necklace, bracelets.

Through this class discussion the students share their own design tendencies: Phoenix wears a plaid buttoned shirt almost everyday. Esu wears back and white athletic shorts and shoes (usually two main colors, garments are monotone, not too bright)

Now the students focus on the design decisions they will need to make to successfully transform the Teen Room! The students identify the needs of the room, what works successfully already, and what items are needed to create an improved environment.

Speech bubble exercise

  • Go around the room and put sticky notes up of different things you would like to see in the space. This includes feelings, colors, new objects, and removing or repositioning current objects.
  • This is a brainstorm! No idea is bad.

Student’s Speech Bubbles:

West Wall: Gets Darts, Can the wall carpet be lighter? Do we need a table? Pool Table, a new image, shelving?

East Wall: Pool Table (center of room), Music System Speaker!, new color, Black board chalk wall, chin up bar, mini-basketball hoop? 2?

South TV Wall: This corner is dark! can we add a light?, Should this be hung (football poster frame)?, Comforter Chairs?, We need storage for this stuff!, move benches, new couch, cool paint on low ceiling, New colored rugs, X box,  can we fix this cabinet? Get rid of broken TV, Do we need this TV? Keep TV, Karaoke Machine, Patterns, This Corner is dark can we add light?, More Comfortable benches/sofa? New Couch, Repaint benches?,

Closet Wall: Is the storage necessary?, Can we repurpose this (closet area)?, Color on top ledge?


There were lots of great ideas expressed in this exercise!  The main objective was achieved of student’s expressing themselves with any and all of their great ideas.

Where can we go from here?



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