Field Trip: Seattle Architecture Foundation workshop (SAF)

The team arrives early this morning at Bitter Lake Community Center. Melissa and Ximena (Melissa’s 8 year old sister) are sitting on the couches of the teen room. Without much wait, Phoenix, Kamiya, Gwen, and Noah arrive. Gwen and Noah are leading the field trip today. No need to set up the teen room. We are heading to the city center for an esteemed workshop with the Seattle Architecture Foundation.

We arrive downtown at the SRG Partnership office before 11am. The team all fits in one elevator and we elevate to Suite 300. A sleek but cluttered aesthetic, alike many architecture firms, presents itself to us. Marquesa Figueroa greets us and we begin our tour through the space. It is still early in the morning (for Saturday) and no one knows each other yet. Our class is a little reserved. Marquesa does a great job of showing us models, drawing, materials, and textures. We arrive in a conference room with a very large table in the center. Another table along the window holds all the craft materials: Glue guns, pipe cleaners, bubble wrap, buckets, balsa wood, card board, cork, packaging supplies, the list goes on.

Climate Change is addressed! Marquesa explains the need of floating residences to compensate with rising sea levels. We begin our main assignment: Build a model of a residential dwelling that floats on water. We have about 2 and a half hours to design (including a pizza break). The pressure is on.

Kamiya and Phoenix ask if they can work together. The workshop requires each student to create their own model. They decide to build separate structures but use a sky bridge to connect their models together. Phoenix decorates a Party Pale Ice Cream Bucket with many bottle caps, card board cut outs, and a pink plastic film. Their boat is built to host parties! Kamiya builds an awesome tower that some say resembles a floating lighthouse. What views one could see if the project were to be realized.

Melissa uses styrofoam, balsa wood, plastic sheets, and cork to build a box like dwelling. Ximena ambitiously builds another tower like structure. They placed tapped off red Solo Cups at the bottom of the tower to be used for floatation.

Melissa and Phoenix float their boats in the large water pale provided. Both models float flawlessly. Kamiya and Ximena have trouble stabilizing their tall structures on top of the water. Both designs need more work. Without too much revisions, both students succeed in floating their designs! We left with a feeling of satisfaction from our success and from pizza.

Thank you! Your all were awesome. The workshop was awesome.

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