Emotions Through Color

Thursday’s class started with the journal prompt: If you could paint the walls of your bedroom any way you wanted, how would you paint them and why? Many Students enjoy blue. Kamiya expresses her interest in sky blue and pink working together. To further explore the importance of color, Saptreet leads a powerpoint explaining color theory, emotional connections to color, and interior design examples expressing mood. Next we begin the emotion through color exercise.

Step 1: Get a word (that is a mood), keep it secret,                                                                          Step 2: Express this mood through simple shapes and color. (Abstract ONLY, no representations or figures).
Step 3: Display the “emotion” abstract art

The class cuts color details out of design magazines and art catalogs. The students use markers, pastels, and glued collage papers. The students present their art!

Esu chooses to express the emotion “happy.” Esu has difficulties with the instructions and uses representational images from the magazines. Within the last 15 minutes, Esu regroups and pulls together an bright and vibrant abstract collage. Color cutouts from cartoons are utilized in curvy and squiggle patterns weaving through, off, and back onto the paper’s boarder.

Melissa chooses to express broken/sad. Out of an art magazine, Melissa finds a variety of deep marine and gray blues. She cuts the colors into many small triangles scattering them across her paper. They are secured with the glue stick. Some of Melissa’s shapes roughly resemble rain/tear/water drops. Because triangles and water drop shapes are ambiguous, the design remains abstract.

Phoenix slightly bends the abstract rules of the project by using some branches and birds. Using a diagonal line and collage pieces, their design expresses movement from the bottom left of the horizontal page to the top right. The orientation of this movement is important. Sadness is present in the piece but also a ephemeral beauty. Phoenix expresses hope

Kamiya’s design roughy resembles the center of an atom or energy with pastel colors and shapes dissipating around the nucleus. Their is wild movement within the piece. The design uses a few arrow symbols jogging this way and that. Kamiya expresses happy and excited.

Each individual project is powerful and beautiful. The Students enjoy the project and are looking forward to establishing the new colors and emotions of the Teen Room!



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