MPS aka Most Popular Space

As we enter our final week, I must say it’s been an exciting time changing the MPS. So, here’s what we’ve done so far!

As soon as you walk into the entryway into the MPS, Lee & Sebastian went with a dark blue, black, and white color palette. The best part? They got to tape up tarps around the door to the MPS & surrounding walls and splattered black on the white door and dark blue on the black walls, respectively. They got delightfully messy and are extremely proud of their work. You’ll have to ask them what secret messages they left behind on the door.

As we move into the MPS, one will notice the benches that have been cleaned and painted from their original wood finishing to a dark grey by the whole team.

Dynamic duo siblings, Heidi & Niquel, built entirely new storaging space out of the piles of wood that used to be in the big storage closet. Now, the rest of that leftover wood can be easily stored away neatly & the closet’s newest shelf can house props, paint, and any other tool that finds it way into this closet. There’s a home for everything now.

Behind the scenes (aka the green room), Ceci, Oscar, Jeremias, and Isaias repainted the dressing area with a menthol green with dark green waves rolling along the walls. The upstairs green room has also been painted with the same menthol green

On Friday, Jeremias, Isaias, Esme, Niquel, Rohim, and Oscar got together to clear everything off the floor of the MPS and completely repainted it. It looks amazing! And they did it all in just over an hour. As it dried over the weekend, we’ll peak at it again on Monday and do some last minute touch-ups with some help from SAM staffers.

The light is at the end of the tunnel. That tunnel, being the abyss that was once the MPS. Onward!





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