Field Trip to the Seattle Architecture Foundation

Taking a break from painting, we piled into the van for our last field trip of this session to journey to a familiar place. You all might recall how a few weeks ago we came to the Center of Architecture and Design for the opening celebration of their recently remodeled space. This Saturday, this space hosted “Urban Gardens” a four hour long thought provoking workshop created by the Seattle Architecture Foundation.

Learning Objective: Designing Housing:

Designing housing is not only about designing buildings–it’s also about creating a healthy landscape for all residents!

After a brief presentation on gardens the teens got a chance to meet and work with other young designers from various parts of Seattle to design a [rooftop] garden for a building in Capitol Hill. The teens broke up into groups of four and after hours of brainstorming, diligently making to scale pieces of various shrubbery and benches, and creating 3D models they presented their well thought out ideas.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ideas ranged from incorporating fish bridges to a rock climbing wall. Practically all of the ideas were proposed to be enjoyable for the community and not just the inhabitants of the building. Their models were also eco-friendly, promoted activity, and some good old R&R. Well done, teens!

Big thanks to the Seattle Architecture Foundation, Schemata Workshop, the Center of Architecture and Design and all the wonderful volunteers that worked so individually with our youth. We hope to be back again soon!

Mira, one of the facilitators of the workshop from Schemata Workshop also wrote a blog post. You can find that here and feel free to navigate around the blog and see what else Schemata is up to these days!




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