“Operation Get Messy” is Underway

When you have to be somewhere at 10 a.m on a Saturday, it’s a tough morning. Man, I know I’m struggling to get out of bed sometimes, too. But despite that, the teens voluntarily arrived at South Park an extra hour early to complete their final proposals of the room. Now, THAT’S dedication.

And, you bet your bottom dollar they amazed Jerry and Elisa, as well. The youth presented their proposals flawlessly. Each team created multiple¬†designs that included an over budget, under budget, and their main proposal. They made to scale models and calculated how much material would be needed and their following expenses. At this point they are unstoppable. (Seriously, I’d move out of the way if I were you).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We made some major decisions together, some of which included our final wall design which will consist of a mint green base coat and a darker blue of different sized triangles that will determine the “mood” or activity of the room. Tomorrow we’re prepping the room and Saturday we’re getting right into it, diving into the buckets of paint–ready to splash some art on these walls. The like of which South Park has never seen before.

It’s. About. To. Go. Down.



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