Proposals Galore!

All week the teens have been working diligently on their final room proposals that they will present next Saturday to Olson Kundig who is returning once again to give some last feedback. The plan is to dress to the nines so  they can show Olson Kundig that they’re lean, mean, professional teens.

This Saturday, we also took a brief field trip to the Center of Architecture and Design’s grand opening for their recent remodeling of their space in Rainier Square.

Programs and events at the Center explore the potential of the full range of design disciplines – architecture, landscape, products, gaming and user experiences, graphics, and many others – to improve the quality of our lives.

The Center is shared home and place of collaboration for AIA Seattle, Design in Public, Seattle Architecture Foundation, and AIA Washington Council, as well as a place for our partner organizations to convene events and conversations relevant to design and our city.

If you didn’t make it, you missed out on free buttons and metal water bottles, but more for me right? (I took 5 buttons. Don’t sell me out).

Can you believe we’re over halfway done with Design Your Neighborhood? Where has the time gone this session?



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