Field Trip to Bemis

Once again, the youth, Gwen, and I piled into a comfy van courtesy of South Park on Saturday and made our way to the industrial district where we met Satpreet at the historical Bemis Building, a once prosperous factory in Seattle during the early 20th century now turned live/work studios for artists of all kinds.

Satpreet and four other artist residents of the building kindly opened their studios up to us and shared their work, process, and advice with our curious teens. We met photographers, a painter, and a glass artist who all used their spaces so uniquely different, like using their space as a live/work out of their individual studios. By seeing that kind of visual got the teens thinking about design and space, in terms of their teen room at South Park. At noon, the youth got to eat lunch in Satpreet’s studio and celebrate Jairo’s 15th birthday with a delicious ice cream cake (QFC knows what they’re doing, y’all).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Earlier in the week, Satpreet taught a lesson of how emotion can influence design and we definitely saw the wide range of emotions in the art we saw from the artists today and how it is reflected in their work. The teens had a blast at Bemis and inspiration for their personal aspirations and the room at the community center is evident. The gears are turning in their heads and we’re excited to see where it all leads to!




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