Field Trip to Olson Kundig

On Saturday, we arrived at South Park bright and early to prepare to meet Jerry and Elisa, representatives of Olson Kundig, an internationally renowned architecture firm in downtown Seattle. Olson Kundig has worked with Design Your Neighborhood in earlier sessions and has expressed their interest in what the program sets out to accomplish. After a brief presentation of the firm’s past projects and involvement, the teens were given a thorough tour of the building, its offices, workshops, and even a look at some of their current projects. It’s safe to say that we were all in awe of how innovative of a company Olson Kundig is, from as simple and yet complex as a boardroom door to their ingenious rolling huts.

Later, our young designers sat down over lunch with Jerry and Elisa to talk about how they can apply the elements of design (an earlier lesson taught by Satpreet) and their ideas for their project to transform South Park into something better for the community. The teens were given a 2D floor plan of the teen room so that they could visually mark how they envision their end product. THINK BIG. THINK CRAZY, shouted Satpreet from the corner of the room. After some group discussion, the teens wrapped up the day with presenting their individual ideas for South Park and found commonalities.

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Design Your Neighborhood would like to thank Olson Kundig, Jerry Garcia, and Elisa Renouard for opening their doors to us on Saturday. The lesson was invaluable and we cannot wait until our friends at Olson Kundig return to see the space themselves and see how our teens are excelling.



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