The Final Design Project

After weeks of exploration and research, where students were engaged in discussions on social justice issues, our group of youths chose to focus on “Youth Homelessness” as the topic for their final design project. The group was divided into three teams, and each team created their own ideal space for providing homeless youths with not only shelters, but also learning facilities and more. Find out the details in their design statements below:


Team Mason & Mikayla

We are the Humanimal Society. We take care of your everyday needs & the everyday needs of animals. We have many opportunities for you & other youth to get together & help take care of animals of all different types to get you ready for a job in the real world. Not only do we provide an amazing job experience, we also provide a comfortable place to sleep & a great place to be yourself without being judged. Our main goal is for youth of all different cultures & sizes to be able to grow & do great things with the rest of their lives starting with a walk through our front door.


Team Chris & David

Safe place, a place for homeless youth to feel at home. Located in Capital Hill, we are a place that helps homeless youth no longer be homeless. We offer many different programs and facilities such as rehab, schooling, beds, hygiene, food, and recreational activities. Its building design will be something like the Seattle public library, crisscross iron bars with windows in between so that lots of natural light can seep in on one side, and on the other side aluminum roofing with wooden and glass sides again for lots of natural light. The first thing that you will see when walk in is the front desk and a bit of a lobby room where you can hang out. If you turn right you will be able to enter a lounge where you can hang out, read, watch movies, play video games, or just talk with friends. If you come out of the lounge and take a right then you are now headed down the hallway. On the first right is the boys bedrooms and bathrooms. On the first left is the schooling center. On the second right is the girls bedroom and bedroom. On the second left is the gym.



Team Cecelia 

The name of my space is Arbor: Haven Under Strong Boughs.  It is a place of protection and transparency.  The Visual symbol of this space is a tree with its branches falling to meet the roots which rise to meet the boughs above, making a continuous and never ending circle that represents the fact that an end is only the beginning of something else, the tree represents the continuous flow of end and beginning that makes up every person’s life; with the choices there in.

People will learn of Arbor it’s booklets that describe the choices and opportunities offered to them.  They will be able to find these booklets at community centers, pool, youth centers, et cetera.  Billboards and street flyers are also viable options.

The doors of Arbor are open to young adults, teens, and mature elders as they each have a role to play in its smooth operation.  To teens this place is to be a home as well as a place to be taught about becoming a self-sustaining individual.  Young adults are encouraged to come and learn the skills to carry them through life in whatever vocation they choose.  People with great maturity are needed to guide our teens into a future that will treat them well, as they become the supporting pillars of our society.

Arbor is open to everyone who wishes to walk through its doors.  It is a place that I hope to be as diverse and un-judgmental as the natural world it revolves around.  This community could be anywhere.  It might be in an all urban setting or a place that co-exists with the natural world that we reside in.  The community inside of Arbor is such that I believe it could stand anywhere.

As you walk in through the front doors of Arbor you are greeted by the sight of warm colors and soft places to sit.  The people behind the receiving desk want to help you with anything, as long as it is in their power.  If you are a homeless teen they will help you get settled into a place of your very own, as long as you wish to stay, and help you get started on whatever road of learning you pursue.  It is also a place of warmth to those that need it the most.

Arbor is a green space.  With solar panels, recycled wash water, self-composting, and rain catching barrels this space works to remove its ecological footprint as much as possible by supporting the services it provides.  Those services include: Two large dormitories, two locker rooms,  two washrooms, reception and front sitting area, two greenhouses, four elevators, nine versatile teaching rooms, women’s restroom, men’s restroom, cafeteria, fenced in surrounding greenery, and large rooftop garden/study area.

As you walk through these rooms the color scheme throughout are of the natural world, only, slightly muted and calm.  You flow with water through the front door and into a green world of espresso hued soil and forest greens along with the other bright colors of green vegetation, as you climb to higher levels you will see the golds, blues, purples, oranges, and reds of the sky, until once you reach the very top, as you walk among the greenery of the roof garden you might just catch sight of some rainbows.

The Arbor I see in my mind is a warm and safe place to learn and progress in the life you choose for yourself.  A place to study and grow as you learn who you are and how you wish to live the rest of your life.



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