Meet Our Young Designers

As our young designers navigate the waters of architectural designs and model-making, we invited them to have some fun and build their own mood boards. Here you’ll find the a few examples, along with all the young designers’ personal bios, telling you a bit more about who they are. In alphabetical order by first name, here are our designers from this Spring Session of Design Your [Neighbor]Hood:

Catherine Lucas-Dorsey is a 16 year old passionate about the arts and all creative endeavors. Born in Seattle, with plans to go to college in Savannah, Georgia at Savannah College of Art and Design. Currently a junior at Garfield High School. Catherine is actively involved in the Black Student Union and hopes to be a Senator for her senior year. She is also an integral part of the Garfield Theater program where she has stage-managed productions of Legally Blonde and Rent. She believes that creativity and creation is the only combat to work. “The opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creation” –RentDSC_0410


Cecelia Buchanan is native to the bipolar city of Seattle Washington but in a great show of exploration her travel exuberant mother has whisked her and her younger brother all over the world. Always, at the end of such an adventure, with open arms and her favorite cookies (homemade of course) is her large family. Cecelia’s family with humor and teasing have taught her to learn about all the diverse pieces of life around her. So, in the summers that rise above seventy degrees Cecelia can be found in Lake Washington boating, inner tubing, and swimming, looking more like a narwhale than the homosapien she is. In the colder days of Autumn and Winter she can be seen observing the arts of photography, reading, writing, drawing, and cooking to stave off the chill in air, along with anything else that captures her fancy. Online schooling and volunteering help her hone her mind and skills so that one day she can hopefully travel and work alongside her fellow Jehovah’s Witnesses on the new Warwick Bethel project. For now she is still learning to be an individual she will be proud to tell you about in the future.DSC_0409


Chris Chamberlin is a student from Seattle who is currently enrolled in the youth Education program as a junior. His interests include skateboarding, filmmaking and music. He would like to film a documentary on homeless issues in Seattle using his talents and knowledge of the street. He is an older brother and role model to two siblings. This experience makes him a strong leader.

David Engel is a freshman at Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences (SAAS). He is also very active in the Seattle youth ultimate Frisbee community.

Mason Kaul is a straight forward thinker who is good with his hands.  His mechanical mind makes geometry and fabrication enjoyable work. Born in Portland and now a junior at Ingram High School, he attends a skill center automotive school. Mason didn’t know what he wanted to do until accidently applying for an auto-tech class.DSC_0411


Mikayla Wright was born in Kirkland with big goals & big desires to meet them. Mikayla plans on going to college for various types of sciences. She enjoys long naps in her bed & when she’s not busy helping old people across the street, you can find her babysitting or sometimes even volunteering at the local community centers. Mikayla is currently in Glee club & choir for her passion of vibrating her vocal chords in mysterious ways. She loves helping her community & the people closest to her. Spending time with her family is also an important part of her everyday life.




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