The computer lab looks unrecognizable! The walls are crisp white. The chalkboard wall turned out beautiful, thanks to our chalkboard team. Jenny and Mong used a level to tape off a section of the drywall. They then used foam rollers and several coats of chalkboard paint to create a perfectly smooth chalkboard. The chalkboard will be a cool feature for the lounge space that the designers have planned. We ordered some awesome Fatboy beanbags will use carpet tiles generously donated by FLOR to create a comfy space for AAA students to hang out.



The designers planned another cool feature for the computer lab–cork boards! Maribel and Victor are meticulously cutting 12″x12″ cork tiles to fit in all the nooks and crannies of the brick walls. They came up with the idea to cut the cork so that they fit around the pipes perfectly. By the end of their hard work, the computer lab will have custom-made cork boards all around the room!


The paint has finally dried, so we end Friday with a small celebration–everyone gets to rip up the tape and drop cloths! Excitement mounts as the designers see their plans come to fruition. There is nothing more satisfying than a job well done.



WEEK 5 ends and we head into our final week of Design Your ‘Hood. Students still need to configure the room, finish the cork boards and work on their final projects; there’s a lot of hard work left to do, but at the end WE PARTY!




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