We end our fourth week of Design Your ‘Hood with a completely white room! We primed the entire computer lab, which was no easy feat when you consider the rough brick walls and dark mural. Even with just the white primer on the walls, it felt brighter, bigger and more calming in the space. After several coats of primer, we have finally started painting the final color into the harder to reach places. The walls are covered with skinny pipes, so the paint team takes their time filling in every little space.


Maribel and Victor sand the door

More painting

Meanwhile, the furniture team assembles all of the tables that will be used to create individual and collaborative spaces.

Furniture Team Assembling

Another group works with Laura to design of the vinyl letters that will adorn the windows. All of letters (all maroon A’s of course) will be in different fonts, so the team considers EVERY SINGLE font available. Their thoughtful decision looks like it is going to turn out great.

Designing Vinyl

The redesign is really coming together. We cannot wait to show off all of our hard work on August 15th!

From this…


…to this!

white walls



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