We headed to the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park to get some visual inspiration, since the next few weeks are going to spent doing a lot of manual labor. The physical work of transforming the space is upon us, so we take a well-deserved break.

chris relaxing

Sarah Bloom, SAM’s Teen, Family and Community Engagement Programs Manager, leads us on a tour of the park. Many of the designers have never even been to OSP, so Sarah tells the whole history of the park from its humble beginnings as a fuel depository to its current quirky glory. It’s a typical grey rainy day in Seattle, but the view is still spectacular.


After getting to know the park a bit better, we head into the Pavilion to meet with two teaching artists, Kimberly and Caleb, who will lead an art activity. They read aloud a Frank O’Hara poem entitled “The Painter” to inspire us. We make collages using magazines, newspapers, construction paper and colored tape in response to the poem. Kimberly and Caleb encourage us to visually explore the letters from the poem. In what feels like the blink of an eye, we spend an hour making art! The art workshop was a great way for us to refocus and renew our creativity.

Kimberly and DYH

We head back to AAA feeling refreshed and ready to take on the next few weeks!




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