This week we had the privilege of visiting the colorful offices of the marketing & graphic design firm, Civilization. The eight-person company, located on Capitol Hill, gave us a warm welcome on a rainy Wednesday. We spent the visit talking about their projects and talking about our own.

Michael Civilization

The physical space that Civilization inhabits is lovely, but much too tiny to hold our whole group, so we split into two groups. One group goes into the conference room with Michael Ellsworth, Co-founder and Creative Director of Design, who gives us a brief overview of the projects that the company has worked on over the years.  After his presentation, he asks us about our own project and how it’s going. The DYH designers describe the color scheme and potential furniture configurations they are considering.

Civilization Design Books

The second group spends time talking with the rest of the company in their offices. Each member of the company talks about their professional background and roles in the company. As we chat, it becomes clear that this company is a tight-knit group of innovative, collaborative thinkers. The whole Civilization team is curious and encouraging–we break for lunch feeling impressed and inspired!

Civilization office

The two groups switch places after lunch. After spending some time in the offices, DYH designers have a lot of questions. For instance, where did Civilization find their blue desks?! Turns out, they inherited the desks from another company nearby. Corey Gutch, the other co-founder and Creative Director of Civilization, even goes so far as to measure the dimensions of the desk for us! Our challenge this week will be picking furniture for the computer lab, so we talk about how delineate space using simple elements, like organizers and filing shelves.

Measuring the desk

Being in a small space that is so effectively and cheerfully utilized makes us want to create a similarly fun look for the computer lab. The space is airy, quirky and homey. We wouldn’t mind spending all day here, but we’ve got to let Civilization get back to work.

Mushroom Lights

The physical office of Civilization provided great visual inspiration for us and the staff was equally as encouraging and engaging. A great big thank you to the Civilization team for hosting us!




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