It’s been a thoughtful and decisive week here at AAA. Our visit to Olson Kundig inspired a lot of ideas that now need to be committed to paper. Over the course of the program, DYH designers have used many methods to brainstorm and visualize the redesign. Last week, designers used speech bubbles to have a “conversation” with the space and post-it notes to label things we wanted to change. This week, we create a T-chart that focuses on the different elements of the room. On one side designers post what they don’t like about the computer lab and on the other side of the chart, designers propose ways to fix those issues.

t chart

After discussing what they want to change about the computer, the designers set to work creating mood boards. These help them visually express their ideas. They use design magazines, paint samples, cork and birch plywood to represent color schemes, furniture, fixtures and display.

making mood boards

The next day, is THE BIG DAY. Each designer hangs their mood board in the computer space, so that designers can vote on their preferred color scheme. Since we first started brainstorming redesign ideas, designers said that they want a space that their school can be proud of, so it makes sense that AAA’s school colors–maroon and white–are popular color proposals.

Miriam's mood board


another mood board

AAA mood boards

After contemplating each mood board, the designers reconvene to make a final decision. The group goes through several rounds of voting until one proposal is picked. Maribel’s proposal makes it to the final round and is picked to be our guide for the redesign. However, there is still more to be discussed, since there are dissenting voice among the group; in the spirit of collaboration, we take another vote, specifically on the chalkboard wall. Some designers want the whole drywall to be painted with chalkboard paint, while others think only part of the wall should be chalkboard. After voting, the designers have their final color scheme:

Maribel's mood board

Brick walls will be painted white. The drywall will be painted with partial chalkboard. The furniture and fixtures will add school spirit with maroon and grey accents.

There are still so many decisions to be made, but now we have our color scheme to guide us. Next week we tackle the rest of the redesign, from furniture, to plants, to window treatments. It’s going to be a busy & productive week, just like this one!



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