What is Design Your ‘Hood?

Summer 2014

Design Your ‘Hood (DYH) is a multi-session intensive workshop focused on art, urban design and community change. Teens are challenged to re-envision their communities and design a public space that will enhance their neighborhoods and or the city in a way that is meaningful to young people, residents and/or visitors.

The Seattle Art Museum has tailored the DYH project for the Arts & Academic Academy High School summer school session. We are challenging the participating youth to make a mark on their learning environment. We figure, if a person has to spend almost half of their day in a place, they can and should have a hand in making it an interesting, desirable, usable and fun place to be. During a six-week intensive (July 10-Aug 15) participants will explore architecture, art ,and design while collaborating with each other to re-imagine their school community using art as a vehicle for change.

Final designs will be presented at the Arts and Academic Academy High School on August 15, 2014 from 4-6pm.

A big thank you to Olson Kundig Architects & Civilization.


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